szombat, május 19, 2012

Your Life Is My Death

Another desperate night
Can’t get my head around

Your list with all my crimes
Stare at the wall, calling your name
I know you’re still not sleeping
But I’m not sure you hear me…

For all the times you cried
How I must change my life
You can’t stand seeing me writhe
It’ll take more time
To find you again

I’m waiting for that Thursday
But there’s one thing that stops me:

Your life is my death but
if i
need to decide
I will stay, stay

You may dislike, but i stand my
Ground and i won’t get away, away

day and night,

In and out
I feel like I’m running round and round
“Just one more time”
With my mouth so dry
I know I ask for this every time
But you seem so fine
With your new-found pride
When we could have had a whole lifetime
But you expect me now
Just to get by
With old photographs and regretful sighs

You’re my shrine
But I know I
Built you once on blood-stained ground
If I look outside
At the melting sky
Is that the sign how I lose my mind?
Well, I had died
So many times

So what’s the deal if I’m straight or a liar?
So take my life,
You decide
How to stop this, cause I need to stop now

You say, “I want to see you try

Either/or, I don’t mind”
With an obnoxious smile
It seems you’re convinced, I was born yesterday

You add – it’s worth living
But there’s one thing that concerns me:

Your life is my death and I might add

Even if I go insane
No one sees why
I won’t move despite

Our life leads me to the grave, grave

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