vasárnap, december 22, 2013

The Blonde, the Brunette & the Russian

A:- You said so many pretty things about vodka, you should drink more!
B:- Or maybe I should go to sleep.
A:- What's on that paper?
B:- My train schedule. And a wannabe song on the other side.
C:- Yeah, she writes lyrics!
A:- Cool! Who'll sing it?
B:- Hopefully I will.
A:- Hopefully? Do it!
B:- Yeah, I'd like to, I dunno why, but... you know, I didn't think I'm the type...
A:- Don't ask, why! Just do it. I can imagine you on the stage.
C:- You look like the singer of The Kills. You ARE the type.
B:- OK, fine. You win.

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